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Electronics Engg Notes and Technology Articles

FAQ: Electronic Devices and Circuits Question Bank PDF Download eBook p. 2

Practice "Electronic Devices and Circuits Question Bank" quiz PDF to solve electronic devices worksheet 2 for online degree programs. Electronic devices and circuits question bank to solve electronic devices quiz with answers for pre employment screening tests.

"System in which there is no stable state is present is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices monostable, astable, distable, and twistable for online career assessment. Practice astable system questions and answers with free online certification courses for undergraduate engineering schools.

Quiz on Electronic Devices and Circuits Question Bank Worksheet PDF Download eBook 2

Electronic Devices and Circuits Question Bank

MCQ: System in which there is no stable state is present is called

  1. astable
  2. monostable
  3. distable
  4. twistable


Objective Questions MCQs on Electronics Devices

MCQ: Type of feedback oscillator that is characterized by three RC circuits in the positive feedback loop that produces a phase shift of 180° is called

  1. frequency-shift oscillator
  2. amplitude-shift oscillator
  3. time-shift oscillator
  4. phase-shift oscillator


Electronic Devices Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

MCQ: Common drain amplifier is also called

  1. source follower
  2. emitter follower
  3. gate follower
  4. body follower


Comprehensive Viva Questions for Ece with Answers

MCQ: A constant parameter which is always equal to the frequency at which operational amplifier's open loop gain is unity is called

  1. unity bandwidth product
  2. gain bandwidth product
  3. alpha product
  4. beta product


Electronic Devices and Circuits University Questions for Exams

MCQ: Circuit that operates with positive feedback and produces a time varying output signal without an input external signal is called

  1. feed forward oscillator
  2. feedback oscillator
  3. straight back oscillator
  4. open loop oscillator