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Newton First Law MCQ with Answers PDF Download

Learn Newton First Law Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Newton First Law quiz answers PDF to learn engineering physics course for engineering physics online classes. Newton Law of Motion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Newton First Law quiz questions for grad school interview questions. Newton First Law Book PDF: newton second law, normal force, tension, newton first law test prep for online high school and college acceptance.

"Reference frame in which Newton's law holds is termed as" MCQ PDF: newton first law App APK with second reference frame, inertial reference frame, net reference frame, and external reference frame choices for grad school interview questions. Study newton first law quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online engineering graduate colleges.

MCQ on Newton First Law Quiz

MCQ: Reference frame in which Newton's law holds is termed as

second reference frame
inertial reference frame
net reference frame
external reference frame

MCQ: When two or more forces acts on a body, by adding the individual forces vectorially, we get

resultant force
initial force
origin force
kinetic force

MCQ: Fact that states that a single force that has magnitude and direction of the net force has the same effect on the body as all the individual forces together is known as

principle of superposition for forces
principle of addition of forces
principle of initialization of forces
principle of superposition of velocities

MCQ: A body will keep moving with a constant velocity, if

no force acts on it
external force acts on it
centripetal force acts on it
acceleration is variable

MCQ: If no force acts on a body, the body's velocity cannot change, that is the body cannot accelerate, is the Newton's

1st Law
2nd Law
3rd Law
4th Law