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Practice Flux Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Flux quiz answers PDF to learn engineering physics online course for engineering physics classes. Finding Electric Field Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Flux quiz questions for job placement test. "Flux MCQ" PDF Book: electric field, flux, electric field due to continuous charge distribution test prep for job placement test.

"Unit of electric flux is" MCQ PDF: flux with choices nmc, nm2/c, nm3/c, and nm/c for job placement test. Learn flux quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for easy enrollment online colleges.

MCQs on Flux Quiz

MCQ: Unit of electric flux is


MCQ: Electric field within a conductor is


MCQ: Rate at which electric field flow through a given area or volume is called

Magnetic Flux
Electric Flux
Pointing Flux
Dipole Flux

MCQ: If electric field E is uniform, electric flux passing through the surface of vector S is

ES cosθ
ES sinθ
ES tanθ
E/S sinθ