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Types of Semiconductors MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The e-Book Types of Semiconductors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Types of Semiconductors quiz answers PDF to study online courses, electronic devices tests. Practice Semiconductor Basics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Types of Semiconductors quiz questions for university entrance exam. The e-Book "Types of Semiconductors MCQ" App Download: conduction in semiconductors, n-type and p-type semiconductors, covalent bond, atomic structure test prep for tricky trivia questions.

The MCQ "Semiconductor material doped with pentavalent impurity is called" PDF, Types of Semiconductors App Download (Free) with n-type, p-type, neutral-type, and intrinsic-type choices for university entrance exam. Study types of semiconductors quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for employment assessment test.

Electronic Devices: Types of Semiconductors MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Semiconductor material doped with pentavalent impurity is called

A) n-type
B) p-type
C) neutral-type
D) intrinsic-type

MCQ: By doping pentavalent electron, gives up an electron is called

A) donor
B) acceptor
C) combiner
D) generator

MCQ: Which of the following is not a pentavalent impurity atom?

A) Arsenic
B) Phosphorous
C) Bismuth
D) Boron

MCQ: Semiconductor material doped with trivalent impurity is called

A) n-type
B) p-type
C) intrinsic-type
D) neutral-type

MCQ: Antimony is a

A) trivalent impurity
B) pentavalent impurity
C) bivalent impurity
D) divalent impurity

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