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Learn Electronic Devices and Circuits multiple choice questions and answers PDF, electronic devices and circuits quiz answers PDF 158 to learn Electronic Devices course for college certification. Practice Diode Applications quiz, electronic devices and circuits Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Electronic devices and circuits MCQ" PDF Download: transistor structure, optical diodes, diode limiting and clamping circuits, zener power dissipation and derating, electronic devices and circuits test prep for undergraduate engineering schools.

"7905.2IC is a fixed regulator of", electronic devices and circuits Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices −5.2 v, −5 v, 5 v, and 5.2 v for free career quiz. Learn diode applications questions and answers to improve problem solving skills to learn free online courses.

Electronic Devices and Circuits Questions and Answers


7905.2IC is a fixed regulator of

−5 V
−5.2 V
5 V
5.2 V


1N746 Zener diode is rated at maximum DC power dissipation of

500 mW
50 W
200 mW
20 W


Which of the following component insert a DC level in awaveform?



First visible red LED were produced using GaAsP on

Si surface
SiO surface
GaAs Surface
Be Surface


Bipolar Junction Transistor 'BJT' consist of

two terminals
three terminals
four terminals
five terminals
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