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Ferroelectric RAM Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 76

Ferroelectric RAM quiz questions and answers, ferroelectric ram MCQ with answers PDF 76 to learn Digital Electronics online course. Read Only Memory ROM trivia questions, Ferroelectric RAM Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Ferroelectric RAM " Book PDF: cmos nor gate, resistor transistor logic (rtl), cmos dynamic power dissipation, low power schottky ttl, ferroelectric ram test prep to enroll in online colleges.

"FeRAM stands for" MCQ PDF: fast ram, ferroelectric ram, fused ram, and fastelectric ram for top engineering universities. Practice read only memory rom questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online high school college acceptance.

Quiz on Ferroelectric RAM MCQs

MCQ: FeRAM stands for

Ferroelectric RAM
Fast RAM
Fused RAM
Fastelectric RAM

MCQ: Advanced low-power Schottky with the speed/power trade off of the 74LS series is

74LS series
74AS series
74L series
74ALS series

MCQ: If PD=1 watt, f=2Hz and C=5Hz than VDD will be

0.1 V
0.2 V
0.3 V
3 V

MCQ: In simple transistor inverter, if we add parallel resistors to the input of inverter i.e. base to get multiple inputs it will produce

NAND gate
AND gate
NOR gate
OR gate

MCQ: In CMOS NOR gate, PUN PMOS transistors are in

series or parallel