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Low Power Schottky TTL Quiz Questions Online p. 67

Learn Low Power Schottky TTL quiz questions and answers, low power schottky ttl MCQ with answers PDF 67 to learn Digital Electronics online course. Transistor Transistor Logic (TTL) trivia questions, Low Power Schottky TTL Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Low Power Schottky TTL Quiz" PDF Book: ptl introduction, sr flip flop, basic transistor operation, octal number system, low power schottky ttl test prep for university entrance exam.

"74LS series has power dissipation of" MCQ PDF: 1.0 mw, 0.5 mw, 1.5 mw, and 2.0 mw for best online colleges. Study transistor transistor logic (ttl) questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online engineering programs.

Quiz on Low Power Schottky TTL MCQs

MCQ: 74LS series has power dissipation of

0.5 mW
1.0 mW
1.5 mW
2.0 mW

MCQ: 3FA516 is equals to octal number system


MCQ: N cut-off, biasing conditions opposite to

forward active mode
reverse active mode
triode mode
saturation mode

MCQ: It is impossible to predict the final state of

flip flop
timing generator

MCQ: Logic reduces the count of transistors used to make different logic gates, by eliminating redundant transistors is called