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Row Address Decoder Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 68

Row Address Decoder multiple choice questions and answers, row address decoder quiz answers PDF 68 to learn Digital Electronics course for college certification. Learn Sense Amplifiers and Address Decoders MCQ trivia questions, row address decoder Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Row Address Decoder Interview Questions PDF: dtl slow response, ttl power dissipation, maximum transistor rating, mask programmable roms, row address decoder test prep for online engineering programs.

"If word lines of row decoder is 16 than M will be" MCQ PDF with choices 4, 2, 8, and 12 for online engineering colleges. Solve sense amplifiers and address decoders questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for college entrance examination.

Row Address Decoder Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: If word lines of row decoder is 16 than M will be


MCQ: Data that is used for bitwise operations particularly in a bit field is called


MCQ: If PDmax is 500 mW, VCE is 20V and ICmax is

100 mA
20 mA
520 mA
50 mA

MCQ: Dynamic power can be evaluated bt multiplying the average current due to spikes by

supply voltage
input voltage
output voltage
noise margin

MCQ: Turning off a saturated transistor in a DTL gate requires it to first pass through the

active region
cutoff region
non linear region
breakdown region