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Resistor Transistor Logic (RTL) MCQ Questions and Answers PDF - 152

The e-Book Resistor Transistor Logic (RTL) MCQ Questions, resistor transistor logic (rtl) quiz answers PDF download chapter 5-152 to learn online digital electronics degree programs. Solve BJTs Digital Circuits Test PDF, Resistor Transistor Logic (RTL) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Resistor Transistor Logic (RTL) MCQ Quiz App Download: Free certification app for transistor switching times, pseudo nmos inverter vtc, latches, applications of gate, resistor transistor logic (rtl) test prep for university entrance exam.

The MCQ Quiz If Y=bar(A)bar(B) than Y is the Boolean expression of: and gate, nand gate, nor gate and or gate with "Resistor Transistor Logic (RTL)" App APK Download (Free) for online assessment test for jobs. Study bjts digital circuits questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for graduate school interview questions.

Resistor Transistor Logic (RTL) MCQ with Answers PDF Download: Quiz 152

MCQ 756: If Y=bar(A)bar(B) than Y is the Boolean expression of

A) NAND gate
B) AND gate
C) NOR gate
D) OR gate

MCQ 757: Simplest application of basic gates is

A) data inverter
B) data uploader
C) data updater
D) data selecter

MCQ 758: Latch together with a triggering circuit form a

A) inductor
B) flip flop
C) timing generator
D) sine generator

MCQ 759: Pseudo-NMOS inverter, NMOS will be in saturation region when

A) vinputVth
B) vout≥ vinput -Vth
C) vout≤ vinput -Vth
D) voutput≥Vth

MCQ 760: For fast switching, transistor switching times must be in

A) seconds
B) nano seconds
C) Pico seconds
D) minutes

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