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Drude Model Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 33

The Drude Model Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Drude Model Quiz with Answers PDF e-Book download Ch. 3-33 to prepare Electromagnetic Theory Practice Tests. Solve Metamaterials MCQ with answers PDF, Drude Model Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for top engineering universities. The Drude Model Quiz App: Free download learning app for atoms and molecules, metamaterials permittivity, dielectric constant of dielectric materials, dielectric constitutive relationship, drude model test prep for online engineering associate's degree programs.

The Quiz: In Drude model, only possible interaction of a free electron with its environment is via instantaneous; "Drude Model" App Download (Free) with answers: Acceleration; Velocity; Collision; Crash; for top engineering universities. Learn Metamaterials Questions and Answers, Apple eBook to download free sample for online graduate programs.

Drude Model Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 33

MCQ 161:

In Drude model, the only possible interaction of a free electron with its environment is via instantaneous

  1. velocity
  2. acceleration
  3. collision
  4. crash
MCQ 162:

In ∊or, ∊o=

  1. 8.854 f/m
  2. 8.854 x10-12 f/m
  3. 8.854 x1012 f/m
  4. 8.854 x102 f/m
MCQ 163:

Dielectric constant=30 for

  1. Gallium Arsenide
  2. Flint glass
  3. Lead glass
  4. Rutile
MCQ 164:

The measure of the ability of a material to support the formation of a magnetic field within itself is called

  1. electric permitivity
  2. magnetic permeability
  3. insulation
  4. magnetic gain
MCQ 165:

Revolving electrons present in various shells and surround the nucleus, exert a force on each other which is

  1. gravitational force
  2. acceleration force
  3. force of repulsion
  4. force of attraction

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