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Output in PHP MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) PDF - 26

The e-Book Output in PHP Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), output in php MCQs Quiz PDF download chapter 17-26 to learn online php degree courses. Study PHP Syntax and Variables quiz answers PDF, Output in PHP Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Output in PHP MCQs App Download: Free educational app for transformation of arrays, printing and output, randomness, arbitrary precision, output in php test prep for computer science programs.

The MCQs Word echo used interchangeably as: scan, print, constant and variable with "Output in PHP" App Download (iOS & Android) Free for computer science associate degree. Practice php syntax and variables questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for information and communication technology.

Output in PHP MCQ Questions PDF Download: Quiz 26

MCQ 126: The word echo used interchangeably as

A) Print
B) Scan
C) Constant
D) Variable

MCQ 127: Bdadd ( ), bcsub ( ), bcmult ( ), bcdiv ( ), bcmod ( ), bcpow all these functions belongs to

A) Base conversion functions
B) Trigonometric function
C) Arbitrary precision function
D) Exponential function

MCQ 128: For constructing a random string of letters which function is used

A) random_char
B) mt_rand
C) random_string
D) Both A and C

MCQ 129: Which function returns the resulting string as its value?

A) printf ( ) function
B) scanf ( ) function
C) sprintf ( ) function
D) None of them

MCQ 130: Array_flip ( ) function changes the keys of an array into

A) Integers
B) Characters
C) Boolean
D) Values

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