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Two Paradgims Quiz Questions and Answers

Practice Two Paradgims quiz questions and answers PDF, two paradgims trivia questions PDF to solve Java worksheet 1 for online computer science degrees. Practice "Overview of Java" quiz questions and answers, two paradgims Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve java test with answers for online information technology degree. Free two paradgims MCQs, MCQs, two control statements, a closer look at first sample program, two paradgims test prep for coding certification.

"Computer programas are consisted of code and", two paradgims Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices data, numbers, information, and loops for online schools for computer science degree. Learn overview of java questions and answers with free online certification courses for programming certifications.

Quiz on Two Paradgims 1

Two Paradgims Quiz

MCQ: Computer programas are consisted of code and

  1. numbers
  2. data
  3. information
  4. loops


A Closer Look at first sample Program Quiz

MCQ: In access specifiers , the opposite of public is

  1. protected
  2. local
  3. private
  4. semi protected


Two Control Statements Quiz

MCQ: Right syntax of control statement IF is

  2. if(condition) then statement;
  3. if(CONDITION) statement
  4. if (condition) statement ;


A second short program Quiz

MCQ: Int num ; // declares a variable called

  1. num
  2. int num
  3. num variable
  4. integer num


Two Paradgims Quiz

MCQ: An essential element of OOP is

  1. coding from real world
  2. making libraries
  3. abstraction
  4. securing code