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The e-Book Problems Algorithms and Programs Quiz Questions, problems algorithms and programs MCQ with answers PDF chapter 1-19 to study online courses, data structure tests. Practice A Philosophy of Data Structures trivia questions, problems algorithms and programs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book "Problems, Algorithms, and Programs Quiz" App Download: introduction, sets and relations, problems, algorithms, and programs test prep for CS certifications.

The Quiz "Inputs of a function can also be referred to" PDF, Problems, Algorithms, and Programs App Download (Free) with range, domain, parameters, and instances choices for computer technology degree online. Solve a philosophy of data structures questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for IT certifications.

Data Structure: Problems Algorithms and Programs Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Inputs of a function can also be referred to

A) Domain
B) Range
C) Parameters
D) Instances

MCQ: The relation between two sets P and Q in qiven form is P ? Q is

A) P is subset of Q
B) Q is subset of P
C) All Elements are equal
D) None of Elements are equal

MCQ: A collection of distinguishable members or elements is known to be

A) Set
B) Combination
C) Composition
D) Collaboration

MCQ: An algorithm with running-time of a highest-order term containing a factor of n2 is said to have a

A) Quadratic growth rate
B) Exponential growth rate
C) Absolute growth rate
D) Linear growth rate

MCQ: Space requirement of a data item, defined by its variables are referred to as

A) Data structure
B) Data process
C) Data object
D) Data member

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