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RAID MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) PDF Download - 266

The RAID Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers PDF (RAID MCQs PDF e-Book) download Ch. 24-266 to solve Database Systems Practice Tests. Study Storage and File Structure quiz answers PDF, RAID Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for computer science degree programs. The RAID MCQs App Download: Free educational app for additional basic operations, database design, raid test prep for online computer science and engineering.

The MCQ Quiz: RAID stands for; "RAID" App (Android & iOS) with answers: Redundant arrays of independent disks; Responsive arrays of independent disks; Repentant arrays of independent disks; Readable arrays of independent disks; for computer science degree programs. Practice Storage and File Structure Questions and Answers, Google eBook to download free sample for online college classes.

RAID MCQ with Answers PDF Download: Quiz 266

MCQ 1326:

RAID stands for

  1. Responsive arrays of independent disks
  2. Redundant arrays of independent disks
  3. Repentant arrays of independent disks
  4. Readable arrays of independent disks
MCQ 1327:

In addition to entities and relationships, the E-R model represents certain

  1. Constraints
  2. Attributes
  3. Assertions
  4. Authorization
MCQ 1328:

In SQL:1999, a similar to operation, which provided more powerful pattern matching than the

  1. Like operator
  2. Not Like operator
  3. AS operator
  4. IN operator
MCQ 1329:

An index for which its search key also defines the sequential order of the file, is said to be

  1. Ordered index
  2. Hash index
  3. Clustered index
  4. Secondary index
MCQ 1330:

The overall logical structure is representing the database's

  1. Integration
  2. Schema
  3. Models
  4. Association

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RAID App (Android & iOS)

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