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The e-Book B+ Trees MCQ Questions, b+ trees quiz answers PDF download chapter 11-28 to learn online database systems degree programs. Solve Indexing and Hashing Test PDF, B+ Trees Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The B+ Trees MCQ Quiz App Download: Free certification app for database triggers, introduction to dbms, dbms basics for students, deadlock handling, b+ trees test prep for online computer science and engineering.

The MCQ Quiz Nonleaf nodes of the B+- tree structure form a: sparse indices, multilevel clustered indices, multilevel dense indices and multilevel sparse indices with "B+ Trees" App APK Download (Free) for software engineering online courses. Study indexing and hashing questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for top computer science schools.

B+ Trees MCQ with Answers PDF Download: Quiz 28

MCQ 136: The nonleaf nodes of the B+- tree structure form a

A) Multilevel clustered indices
B) Sparse indices
C) Multilevel dense indices
D) Multilevel sparse indices

MCQ 137: An approach named Lock timeouts is used for

A) Deadlock detection
B) Deadlock elimination
C) Deadlock recovery
D) Deadlock prevention

MCQ 138: Data dictionary cache is also known to be

A) Row cache
B) Attribute cache
C) Tuple cache
D) Column cache

MCQ 139: The commands are all expressed in a language called

A) Java
D) .Net

MCQ 140: To maintain materialized views, we can use

A) Triggers
B) Pointers
C) Clone objects
D) Cascading

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