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Frame Relay and ATM Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 79

Practice Frame Relay and ATM quiz questions and answers, frame relay and atm MCQ with answers PDF 79 to solve Computer Networks mock tests for online college programs. Solve Virtual Circuit Networks Frame Relay and ATM trivia questions, frame relay and atm Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Frame Relay and ATM Quiz PDF: dns encapsulation, standard ethernet, cyclic codes, satellite networks, frame relay and atm test prep for top online computer science programs.

"The Application Adaptation Layer (AAL) was designed to enable", frame relay and atm Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices two atm frame, two atm concepts, two atm coordinate, and similar atm circuits for top computer science schools in the world. Practice virtual circuit networks frame relay and atm questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online computer science engineering.

Quiz on Frame Relay & ATM MCQs


The Application Adaptation Layer (AAL) was designed to enable

two ATM concepts
two ATM frame
two ATM coordinate
similar ATM circuits


The signal from a satellite is normally aimed at a specific area called the

blue print
black print
polar print
foot print


CRC stands for

Combine Resistance Check
Cyclic Redundancy Code
Combine Redundancy code
Cyclic Redundancy Check


The Ethernet frame contains

3 fields
5 fields
7 fields
9 fields


In Domain Name System (DNS), the well-known port 53 provides the services of

both a and b

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