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The e-Book Data Link Layer Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), data link layer quiz answers PDF chapter 15-386 to study online courses, computer networks tests. Study Multiple Access MCQ trivia questions, data link layer Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book "Data Link Layer MCQs" App Download: data link layer, communication technology, telephone networks test prep for computer science associate degree.

The MCQ "In Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), the data link layer in each station tells its physical layer to make " PDF, Data Link Layer App Android & iOS (Free) with bandpass signal, signal, baseband signal, and communication choices for computer software engineer online degree. Practice multiple access questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for 2 year computer science degree.

Computer Networks: Data Link Layer MCQ Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), the data link layer in each station tells its physical layer to make

A) signal
B) bandpass signal
C) baseband signal
D) communication

MCQ: GPS stands for

A) Global Positioning System
B) Global Positioning station
C) Global Posting Signal
D) Global Point Solution

MCQ: Digital data service (DDS) is a digital leased line with a maximum data rate of

A) 13 Kbps
B) 10 Kbps
C) 52 Kbps
D) 64 Kbps

MCQ: To define the packet to be sent from a manager to an agent and vice versa, the term is used named as


MCQ: PCS stands for

A) Personal Communications System
B) Public Communications System
C) Personal Communications Solution
D) Public Communications Station

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