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Distribution Of Name Space Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 322

Distribution Of Name Space quiz questions and answers, distribution of name space MCQ with answers PDF 322 to solve Computer Networks mock tests for online college programs. Solve Domain Name System trivia questions, distribution of name space Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Distribution Of Name Space Interview Questions PDF: digital to analog conversion, ipv4 connectivity, satellite networks, data link layer, distribution of name space test prep for applied computer science.

"In Domain Name System (DNS), the server makes a database called" MCQ PDF with choices zone file, zone ip, zone domain, and zone server for online college classes. Practice domain name system questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for accelerated computer science degree online.

Quiz on Distribution Of Name Space MCQs

MCQ: In Domain Name System (DNS), the server makes a database called

zone IP
zone file
zone domain
zone server

MCQ: The two main functions of the data link layer are

hardware link control and media access control
data link control and protocol access control
data link control and media access control
link control protocol

MCQ: The Iridium System was materialize in

10 years
9 years
8 years
7 years

MCQ: Another option which is similar to the strict source route is

light source route
basic source route
loose source route
linear source route

MCQ: When Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) is implemented using only two levels then it is called

Half Duplex ASK
multilevel ASK
binary ASK
duplex ASK