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User Datagram Protocol Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 172

Practice User Datagram Protocol quiz questions and answers, user datagram protocol MCQ with answers PDF 172 to solve Computer Networks mock tests for online college programs. Solve Process to Process Delivery UDP, TCP and SCTP trivia questions, user datagram protocol Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. User Datagram Protocol Quiz PDF: infrared, interim standard 95 (is-95), flow and error control, ipv4 addresses, user datagram protocol test prep for master's degree in computer science.

"The field that is used to detect errors over the entire user datagram is called", user datagram protocol Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices error detection protocol, checksum, source-error removal, and datagram-error removal for top online computer science programs. Practice process to process delivery udp, tcp and sctp questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for BSc computer science.

Quiz on User Datagram Protocol MCQs


The field that is used to detect errors over the entire user datagram is called

error detection protocol
source-error removal
datagram-error removal


In classful addressing, the smaller networks are called

linear net


The checksum, error control and length information are the main features of



The pilot channel that is used for the purpose of control and synchronization in Interim Standard 95 (IS-95) forward transmission is

channel 0
channel 32
channel 7
channel 18


Infrared signals can be used for

long-range communication
short-range communication
middle range communication

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