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Unicast Addresses Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 14

Solve Unicast Addresses multiple choice questions and answers, unicast addresses quiz answers PDF 14 to learn Computer Networks course for college certification. Learn Network Layer Logical Addressing MCQ trivia questions, unicast addresses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Unicast Addresses MCQ PDF: datagram networks, data rate limit, voice over ip, digital to digital conversion, unicast addresses test prep for online bachelor's degree computer science.

"The address FE80::12 is a", unicast addresses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices site local address, link local address, multicast address, and loop back address for cheapest online computer science degree. Solve network layer logical addressing questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer majors.

Unicast Addresses Questions and Answers MCQs


The address FE80::12 is a

link local address
site local address
multicast address
loop back address


The average signal rate of 2BlQ is



Gaps between consecutive packets at the receiver cause a phenomenon is known as



Shannon capacity gives us the value of

lower limit
upper limit
specific signal level
signal level


Switching in the Internet is done by using the datagram approach to packet switching at the

network layer
application layer
data link layer
physical layer.

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