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Learn Period and Frequency quiz questions and answers, period and frequency MCQ with answers PDF 127 to study Computer Networks course online. Data and Signals trivia questions, period and frequency Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Period and Frequency Quiz" PDF Book: port addresses, fast ethernet, wireless networks, random access, period and frequency test prep for cheapest online computer science degree.

"The period of a signal is 100 ms. What is its frequency in kilohertz?" MCQ PDF: 1 khz, 100 hz, 10 hz, and 0.02 hz for computer and information science. Study data and signals questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for top online computer science programs.

Quiz on Period and Frequency MCQs

MCQ: The period of a signal is 100 ms. What is its frequency in kilohertz?

100 Hz
1 kHz
10 Hz
0.02 Hz

MCQ: A station that is assigned a Shorter Interframe Space (SIFS) has a

low priority
no priority
higher priority
idle state

MCQ: IEEE 802.11 defines the basic service set as the building block of a wireless

WAN protocol
all of above

MCQ: Fast Ethernet can transmit data at the rate of

50 Mbps
100 Mbps
150 Mbps
200 Mbps

MCQ: A 16-bit port address represents

one single number
four chunks of numbers
two numbers
three number