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IPv4 Addresses MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) PDF - 82

Free IPv4 Addresses Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs) PDF Download (IPv4 Addresses MCQs PDF Book), chapter 19-82 to learn online computer networks degree courses. Study Network Layer Logical Addressing quiz answers PDF, ipv4 addresses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Free educational app: IPv4 Addresses MCQs App Download & e-Book for ipv4 addresses, circuit switched networks, unicast routing protocols, message confidentiality, frame relay and atm test prep for top computer science schools.

The MCQs: Dotted-decimal notation is used to make an Internet Protocol Version (IPv4) address more compact and easier to; "IPv4 Addresses" App Download (iOS & Android) Free with answers understand, communication, read and write to study online classes courses. Practice network layer logical addressing questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for computer science associate degree.

IPv4 Addresses Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 82

MCQ 406: The dotted-decimal notation is used to make an Internet Protocol Version (IPv4) address more compact and easier to

A) communication
B) understand
C) read
D) write

MCQ 407: Physical or logical arrangement of network is

A) protocol
B) channel
C) routing
D) topology

MCQ 408: In the shortest path tree, the root of a tree is a

A) station
B) address
C) link
D) node

MCQ 409: Message authentication is a service beyond

A) message confidentiality
B) message integrity
C) message splashing
D) message sending

MCQ 410: A cell switched network is called

B) frame relay

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Download IPv4 Addresses MCQs App to learn Computer Networks MCQ, IPv4 Addresses Learning App, and Semantic Web MCQ App. Free "IPv4 Addresses" App to download Android & iOS Apps includes complete analytics of history with interactive assessments. Download App Store & Play Store learning Apps & enjoy 100% functionality with subscriptions!

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