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Chapter 31: Computer Networks Exam Tests

Computer Networks MCQs - Chapter 31

Wireless LANs MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) PDF - 6

The e-Book Wireless LANs MCQ Questions, Wireless LANs MCQ with answers PDF, test 6 to learn online Computer Networks Quizzes. Solve Bluetooth LAN Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Wireless LANs quiz with answers PDF to prepare for job interview. The Wireless LANs MCQ App Download: Free educational app for media access control, wireless networks, what is bluetooth, ieee 802.11 standards career test for online bachelor's degree computer science.

The MCQ A Bluetooth Local Area Network (LAN) is an: infrastructure signals, adhoc network, adhoc signals and infrastructure lan with "Wireless LANs" App Download Android & iOS (Free) to study distance learning courses. Practice bluetooth lan quiz questions, download Apple Book (Free Sample) for computer majors.

Wireless LANs MCQ Questions PDF Download: Quiz 6

MCQ 26: A Bluetooth Local Area Network (LAN) is an

A) adhoc network
B) infrastructure signals
C) adhoc signals
D) infrastructure LAN

MCQ 27: The Media Access Control (MAC) layer frame has

A) 5 fields
B) 7 fields
C) 9 fields
D) 11 fields

MCQ 28: IEEE 802.11 defines the basic service set as the building block of a wireless

B) WAN protocol
D) all of above

MCQ 29: A Bluetooth network is called

A) wireless network
C) piconet

MCQ 30: The term in which a station can move from one basic service set to another is called

A) BSS transition mobility
B) ESS transition mobility
C) no transition mobility
D) channelization network

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