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Multimedia MCQ Questions Download PDF

Multimedia Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), multimedia quiz answers PDF, computer network test 1 to study online certification courses. Learn audio and video compression MCQs, "Multimedia" quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Learn audio and video compression, voice over ip, real time interactive audio video career test for computer information science.

"A video consists of a sequence of" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on multimedia with choices signals, frames, packets, and slots for associates in computer science. Practice jobs' assessment test, online learning audio and video compression quiz questions for free online classes.

MCQs on Multimedia Quiz Download PDF

MCQ: A video consists of a sequence of

  1. Frames
  2. Signals
  3. Packets
  4. Slots


MCQ: If the frames are displayed on the screen fast enough, we get an impression of

  1. Signals
  2. Motions
  3. Packets
  4. Bits


MCQ: H.323 uses G.71 or G.723.1 for

  1. Compression
  2. Communication
  3. Controlling
  4. Conferencing


MCQ: To receive the signal, a translator is needed to decode the signal and encode it again at a

  1. High Quality
  2. Lower Quality
  3. Same Quality
  4. Bad Quality


MCQ: Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), is very

  1. Independent
  2. Flexible
  3. Dependant
  4. Complex