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Web Based E-Mail Services Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 95

Web Based E-Mail Services multiple choice questions and answers, web based e-mail services quiz answers PDF 95 to learn Computer Basics course for college certification. Learn Internet Technology MCQ trivia questions, web based e-mail services Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Web Based E-Mail Services MCQ PDF: video camera and scanner, binary coded decimal, introduction to data communication, word processing programs, web based e-mail services test prep for best online schools for computer science.

"HTML markup language is a set of markup" MCQ PDF with choices attributes, tags, groups, and sets for CS major. Solve internet technology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for applied computer science.

Web Based E-Mail Services Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: HTML markup language is a set of markup


MCQ: Short cut key to open the Open dialog box is

shift F12
Alt + F12
Ctrl + F12

MCQ: Process of transferring data electronically from one place to another is called

data communication
data processing
data sending
data uploading

MCQ: In Excess-3 code each coded number is

four larger than in BCD code
three smaller than in BCD code
three larger than in BCD code
much larger than in BCD code

MCQ: Scanner with a resolution of 600 dots per inch can split image into

600x600 areas
600x100 areas
600x1200 areas
600x300 areas

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