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Spreadsheet Program Wizards Quiz Questions Online p. 64

Learn Spreadsheet Program Wizards quiz questions and answers, spreadsheet program wizards MCQ with answers PDF 64 to learn Computer Basics online course. Spreadsheet Programs trivia questions, Spreadsheet Program Wizards Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Spreadsheet Program Wizards Quiz" PDF Book: computer viruses, operating system basics, spreadsheet program wizards test prep to learn free online courses.

"In a computer, graphics representation of data is named as" MCQ PDF: picture, graphics, chart, and figure for information and communication technology. Study spreadsheet programs questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for top computer science schools in the world.

Quiz on Spreadsheet Program Wizards MCQs

MCQ: In a computer, graphics representation of data is named as


MCQ: Which of the following refers to the associative memory?

the address of the data is generated by CPU
the address of the data is supplied by users
there is no need for an address
the data are accessed sequentially

MCQ: In a computer, page orientation is changed through

paper dialog box
print dialog box
page setup dialog box
setup dialog box

MCQ: Another name of computer anti-virus is

Trojan horse

MCQ: Example of a computer font style is

12 pt
all of these

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