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Text Codes Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 12

Text Codes interview questions and answers, text codes trivia questions PDF 12 to practice Computer Basics exam questions for online classes. Practice Processing Data MCQ questions, text codes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Text Codes Interview Questions: dos commands, input devices of computer, text codes test prep for online computer science schools.

"In Extended ASCII, first 40 symbols represents" MCQ PDF with choices special punctuation, pronunciation, and graphic symbols for online software development courses. Learn processing data questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer software engineer.

Trivia Quiz on Text Codes MCQs

MCQ: In Extended ASCII, first 40 symbols represents

special punctuation
both A and B
graphic symbols

MCQ: Device that takes data from user and convert it into the form that can be easily understandable by computer is

storage device
output device
input device
pointing device

MCQ: Internal commands in DOS are

cls, rd label
dir, ren, sys
time, type, dir
del, disk, copy

MCQ: In multiple bus organization, registers are collectively placed and referred as

set registers
register file
register block
map register

MCQ: In the computer terminology IME stands for

Infinite Memory Engine
Input Method Editor
Inside Microsoft Excel

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