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Throughput Costing Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 97

Throughput Costing quiz questions and answers, throughput costing MCQs with answers PDF 97 to practice accounting mock tests for online graduate programs. Practice "Capacity Analysis and Inventory Costing" quiz questions with answers, throughput costing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online accounting degree. Free throughput costing MCQs, inventory costing methods, estimating cost function using quantitative analysis, management control systems, absorption costing, throughput costing test prep for online business and administration degree.

"In throughput costing, the variable manufacturing overhead and direct manufacturing labor cost must be treated as", throughput costing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices incurred cost, accrual cost, period costs, and setup costs for online colleges for business management. Learn capacity analysis and inventory costing questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online bachelor's degree in business administration. Throughput Costing Video

Quiz on Throughput Costing PDF Download eBook

Throughput Costing Quiz

MCQ: In throughput costing, the variable manufacturing overhead and direct manufacturing labor cost must be treated as

  1. accrual cost
  2. incurred cost
  3. period costs
  4. setup costs


Absorption Costing Quiz

MCQ: The fixed manufacturing cost under absorption costing is

  1. high dividend
  2. low dividend
  3. inventoriable
  4. non-inventoriable


Management Control Systems Quiz

MCQ: A desire to achieve a particular goal with pursuit of that goal is called

  1. motivation
  2. goal congruence
  3. effort
  4. autonomy


Estimating Cost Function using Quantitative Analysis Quiz

MCQ: The individual activities such as machine setups, material handling, customer service and distribution of products are a part of

  1. activity based costing
  2. margin based costing
  3. goodness of costing
  4. handling based costing


Inventory Costing Methods Quiz

MCQ: The fixed budgeted manufacturing cost is $45000 and the budgeted production units are 900, then budgeted fixed manufacturing cost per unit will be

  1. $200
  2. $150
  3. $50
  4. $100