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Inventory Costing Methods Test Questions PDF - 96

The Book Inventory Costing Methods Test Questions, inventory costing methods quiz answers PDF download chapter 7-96 to learn online mba cost accounting course. Solve Capacity Analysis and Inventory Costing Test PDF, inventory costing methods Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Inventory Costing Methods Trivia App Download: inventory costing methods, effects of sales mix on income, efficiency variance in accounting, nonlinearity and cost functions, balance scorecard and measures test prep for online schools for business administration.

The Test: The number of units, must be sold to earn targeted operating income are calculated by dividing the total fixed cost operating income and PDF, "Inventory Costing Methods" App APK Download with variable cost per unit, marginal cost per unit, fixed cost per unit, and contribution margin per unit choices for online schools for business management. Study capacity analysis and inventory costing questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online bachelor degree programs in business administration.

Accounting Tests Online: Inventory Costing Methods Quiz PDF Download - 96

MCQ: The number of units, must be sold to earn targeted operating income are calculated by dividing the total fixed cost operating income and

A) marginal cost per unit
B) variable cost per unit
C) fixed cost per unit
D) contribution margin per unit

MCQ: If the breakeven revenue is $220000 and the revenue per bundle is $10000, then the number of bundles to be sold to breakeven will be

A) 32 bundle
B) 22 bundle
C) 42 bundle
D) 38 bundle

MCQ: In management control, an efficiency variance is also referred as

A) control variance
B) uncontrolled variance
C) usage variance
D) effective variance

MCQ: In step cost functions, the cost is increased by

A) discrete amounts
B) same amounts
C) linear amounts
D) nonlinear amounts

MCQ: The reduction in setup time, manufacturing cycle efficiency and average time of manufacturing for key products are the examples of

A) measures of growth and learning
B) measures of internal business processes
C) customer measures
D) financial measures

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