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The Book Inventory Costing Methods Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with answers, Inventory Costing Methods MCQ Quiz PDF download to study online mba cost accounting certification courses. Study Capacity Analysis and Inventory Costing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Inventory Costing Methods quiz answers PDF for online business university. The eBook Inventory Costing Methods MCQ App Download: inventory costing: manufacturing companies, throughput costing, inventory costing methods test prep for online business and management degree.

The MCQ: An approach used for choosing capacity level, having no beginning inventory, is classified as PDF, "Inventory Costing Methods" App Download (Free) with write off variance approach, write in variance approach, adjusted variance approach, and unadjusted variance approach choices for online business university. Practice inventory costing methods quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online school of business administration.

Accounting MCQs: Inventory Costing Methods Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: An approach used for choosing capacity level, having no beginning inventory, is classified as

A) write off variance approach
B) write in variance approach
C) adjusted variance approach
D) unadjusted variance approach

MCQ: If the budgeted fixed cost is $26000, per unit budgeted denominator level is 1300 units, then budgeted fixed cost will be

A) $50
B) $30
C) $20
D) $40

MCQ: If target operating income is $38000, contribution margin per unit is $400, then the number of units must be sold to earn targeted operating income will be

A) 65 units
B) 75 units
C) 95 units
D) 85 units

MCQ: The managers using capacity planning do not make

A) pricing decisions
B) marketing decisions
C) financial decisions
D) cost budgeting decisions

MCQ: The budgeted fixed manufacturing cost is divided by budgeted fixed manufacturing cost per unit to calculate

A) fixed material price
B) variable materials price
C) fixed production units
D) budgeted production units

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