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Learn Basics of Accounting multiple choice questions and answers, Basics of Accounting quiz answers PDF to learn Cost Accounting worksheets 1 for online courses. Direct Costs and Indirect Costs MCQs, Basics of Accounting trivia questions and answers for placement and to prepare for job interview. "Basics of Accounting MCQ" PDF Book: direct costs and indirect costs, what is cost in accounting career test for online business administration and management degree.

"The cost, which is related to specific cost object and economically traceable, will be classified as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on basics of accounting with choices indirect cost, direct cost, line cost, and staff cost for online BBA business administration. Practice direct costs and indirect costs quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for online schools for business management degrees.

MCQs on Basics of Accounting Quiz

MCQ: The cost, which is related to specific cost object and economically traceable, will be classified as

direct cost
indirect cost
line cost
staff cost

MCQ: The material or anything for which cost is to be measured is known as

measurement object
cost object
accounting object
budget object

MCQ: The cost which is changed in proportion to level the total volume is

fixed cost
variable cost
total cost
infeasible cost

MCQ: The costs are classified as fixed or variable on the basis of

specific activity
given time period
common activity
both a and b

MCQ: The process of tracing the direct costs and allocation of indirect costs is known as

cost assignment
direct assignment
indirect assignment
economic assignment

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