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Inventory Management and MRP MCQ with Answers PDF

Inventory Management and MRP Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Inventory Management and MRP quiz answers PDF with cost accounting career tests for online courses. Practice inventory management, just in time and costing methods Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Inventory Management and MRP quiz questions for online business administration and management degree. Inventory Management and MRP MCQ PDF: retail organizations: inventory management, cost accounts test prep for accredited online schools for business management.

"An ability of an accounting system, to point out the use of resources in every step of production process is called" MCQ PDF on inventory management and mrp with choices back-flush trails, audit trails, trigger trails, and lead manufacturing trails for online business administration and management degree. Practice inventory management and mrp quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for bachelor's degree in business.

MCQs on Inventory Management and MRP Quiz

MCQ: An ability of an accounting system, to point out the use of resources in every step of production process is called

back-flush trails
audit trails
trigger trails
lead manufacturing trails

MCQ: A push through system, according to which goods are manufactured for finished inventory solely, on the basis of forecasted demand can be classified as

in-time production
materials requirement planning
on-time production
pull strategy of production

MCQ: The costing system, which omits some of the journal entries in accounting system is known as

in-time costing
trigger costing
back flush costing
lead time costing

MCQ: The stage in manufacturing cycle at which journal entries are made in system of accountancy is known as

chaining point
recording point
lead point
trigger point

MCQ: The method of costing that supports creation of value for customer by accounting whole value stream, rather than individual departments or products is classified as

economic accounting
back-flush accounting
lean accounting
lead accounting

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