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Learn Concept of Relevance Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Concept of Relevance quiz answers PDF to study cost accounting online course for cost accounting classes. Decision Making Process and Information Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Concept of Relevance quiz questions for online business and management degree. "Concept of Relevance MCQ" PDF Book: decision making process, make versus buy decisions, concept of relevance test prep for business management degree online.

"The kind of costs that has been occurred in past are also known as" MCQ PDF: concept of relevance with choices unrecorded costs, recorded costs, sunk costs, and bunked costs for online business and management degree. Study concept of relevance quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online business management classes.

MCQs on Concept of Relevance Quiz

MCQ: The kind of costs that has been occurred in past are also known as

unrecorded costs
recorded costs
sunk costs
bunked costs

MCQ: As compared to irrelevant cost, the occurrence of relevant costs must

have high correlation
be in future
be in past
be zero correlated

MCQ: An example of quantitative factor is

employee behavior at workplace
employee satisfaction
employee morale
cost of materials

MCQ: The relevant costs are classified in relevance concepts as

expected future costs
serial costs
parallel costs
abnormal costs

MCQ: The financial factors measured in numerical terms, having some monetary value are considered as

qualitative factors
quantitative factors
expected factors
recorded factors