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Bottlenecks MCQ with Answers PDF

Bottlenecks Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Bottlenecks quiz answers PDF with cost accounting live worksheets for online degrees. Solve balanced scorecard: quality, time and theory of constraints Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Bottlenecks quiz questions for online BS business administration. Bottlenecks MCQ PDF: quality: competitive tool, financial perspective: costs of quality, bottlenecks, customer response time and on time performance test prep for colleges that offer business administration.

"The cost operations such as wages, salaries, depreciation, utilities and rent are summed together to calculate" MCQ PDF on bottlenecks with choices throughput costs, investments, operating costs, and marginal costs for online BS business administration. Solve bottlenecks quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online bachelor's degree in business.

MCQs on Bottlenecks Quiz

MCQ: The cost operations such as wages, salaries, depreciation, utilities and rent are summed together to calculate

throughput costs
operating costs
marginal costs

MCQ: The revenues are subtracted from the cost of direct materials of sold goods is to calculate

throughput contribution
operating cost contribution
operating contribution
marginal contribution

MCQ: A theory which describes techniques of operating income maximization, facing with non-bottleneck and bottleneck operations is

theory of contribution
theory of constraints
theory of conflicts
theory of maximization

MCQ: The sum of cost of direct materials, costs of buildings, equipment, research and development costs is classified as

throughput costs
operating costs
marginal costs

MCQ: If the cost of direct materials use in the goods sold is $5000 and the total revenues are $9000 then the throughput contribution would be


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