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Chemical Combinations Quiz PDF: Questions and Answers - 19

Free Chemical Combinations Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Chemical Combinations Quiz PDF Download, Book Test 3-19 to study chemistry online courses. Study Chemical Bonding Chemistry MCQ Questions PDF, chemical combinations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Chemical Combinations Trivia App Download: Free educational app for chemical combinations, properties of cathode rays, energy changes and intermolecular attractions, discovery of proton, properties of crystalline solids test prep for colleges that offer online degrees.

The Quiz: Atom which donates the major share of its electrons in the formation of HF is; "Chemical Combinations" App Download (Android & iOS) Free with answers hydrogen, fluorine, nitrogen and chlorine for online college classes. Practice chemical bonding chemistry questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for online college courses.

Chemical Combinations Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 19

MCQ 91: The atom which donates the major share of its electrons in the formation of HF is

  1. fluorine
  2. hydrogen
  3. nitrogen
  4. chlorine

MCQ 92: Thomson from his experiment on cathode rays concluded that every atom contains

  1. protons
  2. neutrons
  3. electrons
  4. anti neutrino

MCQ 93: Ammonia has molar heat of vaporization, whose value in kJ/mole is

  1. 21.7
  2. 99
  3. 78
  4. 71

MCQ 94: Another name for positive rays is

  1. cathode rays
  2. anode rays
  3. canal rays
  4. neutral rays

MCQ 95: 95.5 degree Celsius is a transition temperature for

  1. tin
  2. Sulphur
  3. sodium
  4. glucose

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