Discovery of Proton MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Discovery of Proton Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), discovery of proton quiz answers PDF to study online chemistry degree course. Learn atomic structure Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Discovery of Proton" quiz questions and answers for GRE subject test tutoring. Learn electron radius and energy derivation, properties of cathode rays, magnetic quantum number, quantum theory test prep for online college bachelor degree.

"Another name for positive rays is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on discovery of proton with choices cathode rays, anode rays, canal rays, and neutral rays for GRE subject test tutoring. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning discovery of proton quiz questions for competitive exams in chemistry majors for SAT prep classes.

MCQs on Discovery of Proton PDF Download

MCQ: Another name for positive rays is

  1. cathode rays
  2. anode rays
  3. canal rays
  4. neutral rays


MCQ: The movement of positive rays is from holes in

  1. anode
  2. neutrons
  3. cathode
  4. anti neutron


MCQ: Proton rays were discovered by

  1. E.Goldstein
  2. Edward
  3. Thomson
  4. J Perrin


MCQ: The discovery of protons was commenced in the year

  1. 1889
  2. 1880
  3. 1878
  4. 1896


MCQ: The positive rays are produced by

  1. molecules
  2. gas atoms
  3. solids
  4. liquids