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Frequency Distribution Types Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 101

Frequency Distribution Types multiple choice questions and answers, frequency distribution types quiz answers PDF 101 to learn Business Statistics course for college certification. Learn Data Classification, Tabulation and Presentation MCQ trivia questions, frequency distribution types Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Frequency Distribution Types MCQ PDF: central tendency measures, median, mean and mode, interquartile deviation, classification: measures of dispersion, frequency distribution types test prep for online BS business administration.

"The 'less than type' cumulative frequency distribution is considered as correspondent to" MCQ PDF with choices lower limit of class intervals, upper limit of class intervals, upper limit of range, and lower limit of range for accredited online business management degree. Solve data classification, tabulation and presentation questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online master's degree in business management.

Frequency Distribution Types Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: The 'less than type' cumulative frequency distribution is considered as correspondent to

upper limit of class intervals
lower limit of class intervals
upper limit of range
lower limit of range

MCQ: The numbers or values that are considered independent of measurement units are called


MCQ: If the first quartile is subtracted from median then the answer must be equal to

third quartile minus median
third quartile plus median
first quartile plus median
median multiply third quartile

MCQ: The distribution which has outliers with relatively lower values is considered as

experimentally skewed
exploratory skewed
positively skewed
negatively skewed

MCQ: The calculation of average which is calculated by pooling the data together from different data sets is classified as

geometric mean
harmonic mean
deviation square mean
paired mean

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