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Median, Mean and Mode MCQ with Answers PDF

Median, Mean and Mode Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Median, Mean and Mode quiz answers PDF with business statistics career tests for online courses. Practice measures of central tendency Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Median, Mean and Mode quiz questions for online business administration degree classes. Median, Mean and Mode Interview Questions: central tendency measures, percentiles, averages of position test prep for online classes for business management degree.

"Considering the probability distribution, if the mode is greater than median then the distribution is classified as" MCQ PDF on median, mean and mode with choices variable model, right skewed, left skewed, and constant model for online business administration degree classes. Practice median, mean and mode quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for BA in business administration.

MCQs on Median, Mean and Mode Quiz

MCQ: Considering the probability distribution, if the mode is greater than median then the distribution is classified as

variable model
right skewed
left skewed
constant model

MCQ: The frequency distribution whose most values are dispersed to the left or right of the mode is classified as


MCQ: In a negative skewed distribution, the order of mean, median and mode is as


MCQ: The distribution whose outliers are higher values is considered as

variable model
right skewed
left skewed
constant model

MCQ: The distribution which has outliers with relatively lower values is considered as

experimentally skewed
exploratory skewed
positively skewed
negatively skewed

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