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Interquartile Range of Deviation MCQ with Answers PDF

Interquartile Range of Deviation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Interquartile Range of Deviation quiz answers PDF with business statistics career tests for online courses. Practice measures of dispersion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Interquartile Range of Deviation quiz questions for online business administration degree. Interquartile Range of Deviation Interview Questions: interquartile range of deviation, classification: measures of dispersion, statistics formulas, distance measures test prep for BA in business administration.

"If the quartile range is 24 then the quartile deviation is" MCQ PDF on interquartile range of deviation with choices 48, 12, 24, and 72 for online business administration degree. Practice interquartile range of deviation quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online business management degree programs.

MCQs on Interquartile Range of Deviation Quiz

MCQ: If the quartile range is 24 then the quartile deviation is


MCQ: If the value of first quartile is 49 and the value of third quartile is 60 then value of inter quartile range is


MCQ: The variability which is defined as the difference between third and first quartile is considered as

quartile range
deciles range
percentile range
inter quartile range

MCQ: If the large number of values lies in the central part of data table then the spread of values is measured by

percentile range
inter quartile range
quartile range
deciles range

MCQ: The value of third quartile is 72, second quartile is 52 and the first quartile is 45 then quartile deviation is


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