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Cluster Sampling MCQ with Answers PDF

Cluster Sampling Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Cluster Sampling quiz answers PDF to learn business statistics online course for business statistics classes. Sampling Distributions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Cluster Sampling quiz questions for business administration degree courses. "Cluster Sampling " Book PDF: sampling distributions, population parameters and sample statistic, stratified sampling, cluster sampling test prep for online business administration courses.

"In the systematic sampling, the value of k is classified as" MCQ PDF: cluster sampling with choices sampling interval, sub stage interval, secondary stage interval, and multistage interval for business administration degree courses. Learn cluster sampling quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for general business degree online.

MCQs on Cluster Sampling Quiz

MCQ: In the systematic sampling, the value of k is classified as

sampling interval
sub stage interval
secondary stage interval
multistage interval

MCQ: In systematic sampling, the population is 200 and the selected sample size is 50 then the sampling interval is


MCQ: In cluster sampling, the elements of selected clusters are classified as

elementary units
primary units
secondary units
proportional units

MCQ: The type of sampling in which the desired and useful information is gathered from the best position holder is classified as

quota sampling
convenience sampling
purposive sampling
judgment sampling

MCQ: The method of sampling in which the random sampling will not be possible because the population is widely spread is classified as

secondary stage sampling
multistage sampling
primary stage sampling
sub stage sampling