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Free Parazoa Quiz Questions and Answers, parazoa Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 11-315 to study online biology degree programs. Study Kingdom Animalia MCQ Questions PDF, parazoa Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Free educational app: Parazoa Trivia App Download & e-Book for parazoa, amino acid, grade bilateria, structure of bacteria, viruses test prep for two year online colleges.

The Quiz: Pores which help in the removal of water from the body of sponges are called; "Parazoa" App Download (Android & iOS) Free with answers osculum, ostulus, ostia and spongecoel to learn online training courses. Practice kingdom animalia questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for ACT test prep classes.

Parazoa Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 315

MCQ 1571: The pores which help in the removal of water from the body of sponges are called

A) ostulus
B) osculum
C) ostia
D) spongecoel

MCQ 1572: Only 20 types of amino acids can give rise to over

A) 10,000 proteins
B) 10,500 proteins
C) 10,100 proteins
D) 11,500 proteins

MCQ 1573: The animals from Grade Bilateria have well defined

A) dorsal surfaces only
B) ventral surfaces only
C) epidermis
D) dorsal and ventral surfaces

MCQ 1574: The protein factories of bacteria are

A) mesosome
B) ribosomes
C) spores
D) plasmids

MCQ 1575: The phage in which lysis of host cell takes place is

A) prophage
B) lytic phage
C) virulent phage
D) metaphage

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