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Heterotrophic Nutrition Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 268

Heterotrophic Nutrition quiz questions and answers, heterotrophic nutrition MCQs with answers PDF 268 to practice biology mock tests for online graduate programs. Practice "Nutrition" quiz questions with answers, heterotrophic nutrition Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online college degrees. Free heterotrophic nutrition MCQs, study of biology, plants: growth and development, levels of biological organization, gaseous exchange transport, heterotrophic nutrition test prep for online degrees.

"Nutrition which is achieved on the feeding of dead organic matter and decaying bodies is called", heterotrophic nutrition Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices autotrophic, symbiotic, saprophytic, and parasitic for online degrees. Learn nutrition questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online degrees. Heterotrophic Nutrition Video

Quiz on Heterotrophic Nutrition PDF Download eBook

Heterotrophic Nutrition Quiz

MCQ: Nutrition which is achieved on the feeding of dead organic matter and decaying bodies is called

  1. symbiotic
  2. autotrophic
  3. saprophytic
  4. Parasitic


Gaseous Exchange Transport Quiz

MCQ: Tuberculosis is a disease which is

  1. harmless
  2. contagious
  3. venereal
  4. fatal


Levels of Biological Organization Quiz

MCQ: Individuals of different species (animals and plants) that live together in the same habitat constitute a

  1. population
  2. Community
  3. groups
  4. individuals


Plants: Growth and Development Quiz

MCQ: The reciprocal relationship between growth and development is known as

  1. growth correlation
  2. growth co-ordination
  3. development pattern
  4. growth co-operation


Study of Biology Quiz

MCQ: Pasteurization helps in preserving

  1. fruits
  2. vegetables
  3. meat
  4. milk