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Grade Bilateria MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) PDF - 18

The e-Book Grade Bilateria Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), grade bilateria MCQs Quiz PDF download chapter 11-18 to learn online biology degree courses. Study Kingdom Animalia quiz answers PDF, grade bilateria Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Grade Bilateria MCQs App Download: Free educational app for grade bilateria, skeleton deformities, hypothalamus test prep for SAT test.

The MCQs Bony fishes have a brain which is composed of 10 pains of: ganglia, cranial nerves, flame cells and neurons with "Grade Bilateria" App Download (iOS & Android) Free to study online certification courses. Practice kingdom animalia questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for online college bachelor degree.

Grade Bilateria MCQ Questions PDF Download: Quiz 18

MCQ 86: Bony fishes have a brain which is composed of 10 pains of

A) cranial nerves
B) ganglia
C) flame cells
D) neurons

MCQ 87: The most common chronic arthritis which degenerates joints is

A) osteoporosis
B) Arthritis
C) cleft palate
D) osteoarthritis

MCQ 88: Hypothalamus is a part of

A) midbrain
B) forebrain
C) hindbrain
D) none of others

MCQ 89: The lower jaw of mammals is composed of only one

A) teeth
B) bone
C) cartilage
D) muscles

MCQ 90: The secondary growth in the plant, girth due to

A) vascular cambium only
B) cork cambium only
C) vascular cork
D) vascular and cork cambium

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