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Animals Reproduction Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) PDF - 148

Free Animals Reproduction MCQs, Animals Reproduction Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) PDF Download, Book Test 16-148 to learn biology online courses. Solve Reproduction Test PDF, animals reproduction Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Animals Reproduction MCQ Quiz App Download: Free certification app for animals reproduction, support in plants, mammals: thermoregulation test prep for online degrees.

The MCQ Quiz: Genital herpes is caused by; "Animals Reproduction" App APK Download (Free) with answers treponema pallidum, neisseria gonorrhoeae, herpes simplex type 2 and spirochaete to study online educational courses. Study reproduction questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online degrees.

Animals Reproduction Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 148

MCQ 736: Genital herpes is caused by

  1. neisseria gonorrhoeae
  2. treponema pallidum
  3. herpes simplex type 2
  4. spirochaete

MCQ 737: In annually growing trees, the active portion of the older tree is called

  1. heart wood
  2. sap wood
  3. callus
  4. bark

MCQ 738: The color of Corpus luteum in appearance is?

  1. greenish
  2. brownish
  3. yellowish
  4. black

MCQ 739: Dogs have specialized evaporative cooling inside the respiratory tract by

  1. licking
  2. sleeping
  3. panting
  4. woofing

MCQ 740: The internal buds which develop into new sponges are called

  1. ostia
  2. gemmules
  3. osculum
  4. none of others

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