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Evolution of Seed Habit Test Questions PDF - 356

The Book Evolution of Seed Habit Test Questions, evolution of seed habit quiz answers PDF download chapter 12-356 to learn online biology certification courses. Solve Kingdom Plantae Test PDF, evolution of seed habit Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Evolution of Seed Habit Trivia App Download: evolution of seed habit, veins and arteries, hemoglobin, osmoregulation, division bryophyta test prep for online college courses.

The Test: In kingdom Plantae, the pine is a PDF, "Evolution of Seed Habit" App APK Download with cones, flowering tree, conifer, and leaf choices for GRE test prep classes. Study kingdom plantae questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online colleges that offer certificate programs.

Biology Tests Online: Evolution of Seed Habit Quiz PDF Download - 356

MCQ: In kingdom Plantae, the pine is a

A) flowering tree
B) cones
C) conifer
D) leaf

MCQ: If any artery which is supplying blood to brain leaks or discharges blood burst, such artery is called

A) hemorrhage
B) stroke
C) hypertension
D) myocardial infarction

MCQ: The oxygen combines with hemoglobin in the blood and form

A) oxyhemoglobin
B) deoxyhemoglobin
C) hemoglobin
D) carbohemoglobin

MCQ: An animal which can survive in drastic conditions of the desert by feeding on seeds of plants containing more carbohydrates is

A) camel
B) Scorpio
C) kangaroo rat
D) none of others

MCQ: A less conspicuous generation which partially or completely depends upon gametophyte for its nutrition is a

A) sporophyte
B) saprophyte
C) prophyte
D) symbion

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