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Pattern of Distribution Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download 7

Pattern of Distribution quiz questions and answers, pattern of distribution MCQs with answers PDF to solve commerce worksheet 7 for online graduate programs. Practice "Distribution of Goods To Producer To Consumer" quiz questions with answers, pattern of distribution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve bachelor of commerce test with answers for online university degrees. Free pattern of distribution MCQs, introduction to wholesale trade, changing structure of retail trade, decline of wholesaler, economic system, pattern of distribution test prep for accredited online business management degree.

"Wholesaler redistributes the goods in smaller quantities to the", pattern of distribution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices shopkeepers, sellers, suppliers, and retailer for online master's degree in business management. Learn distribution of goods to producer to consumer questions and answers with free online certification courses for online BS business administration.

Quiz on Pattern of Distribution PDF Download 7

Pattern of Distribution Quiz

MCQ: Wholesaler redistributes the goods in smaller quantities to the

  1. sellers
  2. shopkeepers
  3. suppliers
  4. retailer


Economic System Quiz

MCQ: The activity of transferring goods from factory to consumer is performed in

  1. public sector
  2. rural sector
  3. industrial sector
  4. tertiary sector


Decline of Wholesaler Quiz

MCQ: The person who work on the behalf of a principle known as

  1. middlemen
  2. broker
  3. agents
  4. wholesaler


Changing Structure of Retail Trade Quiz

MCQ: In branding and packaging there are two kinds of brands named as

  1. manufacturers and retailers brands
  2. wholesaler and manufacturers brand
  3. retailer and manufacturers brand
  4. retails and wholeseller brands


Introduction to Wholesale Trade Quiz

MCQ: In commercial terms wholesalers is allowed to have

  1. short period of credit
  2. long period of credit
  3. due payment
  4. advance payment