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Discrete Probability Distributions MCQ with Answers PDF

Discrete Probability Distributions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Discrete Probability Distributions quiz answers PDF with business statistics career tests for online courses. Practice probability distributions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Discrete Probability Distributions quiz questions for online bachelor's degree in business. Discrete Probability Distributions MCQ PDF: rectangular distribution, binomial distribution, discrete probability distributions, standard normal probability distribution test prep for general business degree online.

"In binomial probability distribution, the dependents of standard deviations must includes" MCQ PDF on discrete probability distributions with choices probability of q, probability of p, trials, and all of above for online bachelor's degree in business. Practice discrete probability distributions quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online courses for business management degree.

MCQs on Discrete Probability Distributions Quiz

MCQ: In binomial probability distribution, the dependents of standard deviations must includes

probability of q
probability of p
all of above

MCQ: In random experiment, the observations of random variable are classified as


MCQ: The tail or head, the one or zero and the girl and boy are examples of

non-functional events
complementary events
non complementary events
functional events

MCQ: The number of products manufactured in a factory in a day are 3500 and the probability that some pieces are defected is 0.55 then the mean of binomial probability distribution is


MCQ: The 2600 applications for home mortgage are received by a bank and the probability of approval is 0.78 then the standard deviation of binomial probability distribution is


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