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Economic System Questions and Answers PDF Download 33

Practice Economic System trivia questions and answers, economic system quiz answers PDF to solve commerce test 33 for online degrees. Practice "Commercial World" trivia questions and answers, economic system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve bachelor of commerce test with answers for online university degrees. Free economic system MCQs, protection for seller, advice note, delivery note, consignment, types of retailers, debit note, economic system test prep for online schools for business management.

"Sportsman, police and civil servents provides", economic system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices government service, social service, direct service, and indirect service for online bachelor degree programs in business administration. Learn commercial world questions and answers with free online certification courses for online schools for business administration.

Trivia Quiz on Economic System PDF Download 33

Economic System Quiz

MCQ: Sportsman, police and civil servents provides

  1. social service
  2. government service
  3. direct service
  4. indirect service


Debit Note Quiz

MCQ: The document sent to a customers who has been undercharged on an invoice is called

  1. delivery note
  2. advice note
  3. debit note
  4. credit note


Types of Retailers Quiz

MCQ: Supermarkets relay on

  1. rapid sale
  2. slow selling
  3. purchasing of goods
  4. none of these


Advice Note, Delivery Note, Consignment Quiz

MCQ: The note that contains the details of good being sent

  1. advice note
  2. delivery note
  3. consignment note
  4. debit note


Protection for Seller Quiz

MCQ: There is limited freedom for consumer to withdraw agreement it is the

  1. protection for seller
  2. hire agreement rule
  3. problem of credit sale
  4. problem of credit purchase