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Data Tables and Types MCQ with Answers PDF

Data Tables and Types Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Data Tables and Types quiz answers PDF with business statistics career tests for online courses. Practice data classification, tabulation and presentation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Data Tables and Types quiz questions for online schools for business administration. Data Tables and Types MCQ PDF: data tables and types, data classification test prep for accredited online business management degree.

"If the vertical lines are drawn at every point of straight line in frequency polygon then by this way the frequency polygon is transformed into" MCQ PDF on data tables and types with choices width diagram, length diagram, histogram, and dimensional bar charts for online schools for business administration. Practice data tables and types quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online business and administration degree.

MCQs on Data Tables and Types Quiz

MCQ: If the vertical lines are drawn at every point of straight line in frequency polygon then by this way the frequency polygon is transformed into

width diagram
length diagram
dimensional bar charts

MCQ: The diagrams such as cubes and cylinders are classified as

one dimension diagrams
two dimension diagram
three dimensional diagrams
dispersion diagrams

MCQ: In stem and leaf display diagrams used in exploratory analysis, the stems are considered as

central digits
trailing digits
leading digits
dispersed digits

MCQ: The diagrams used to represent grouped and ungrouped data is classified as

breadth diagrams
bar diagrams
width diagrams
length diagrams

MCQ: The three dimensional diagrams are named as so because they considers both

length and breadth
breadth and depth
depth, length and breadth
depth and length

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