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Long-Term Credit Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download 10

Long-Term Credit quiz questions and answers, long-term credit MCQs with answers PDF to solve commerce worksheet 10 for online graduate programs. Practice "Consumer Credit" quiz questions with answers, long-term credit Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve bachelor of commerce test with answers for online university degrees. Free long-term credit MCQs, credit note, economic system, long-term credit test prep for best online colleges for business administration.

"The goods cannot become the property of someone who", long-term credit Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices sale, hire, display, and invest for online business administration and management degree. Learn consumer credit questions and answers with free online certification courses for online school of business administration.

Quiz on Long-Term Credit PDF Download 10

Long-Term Credit Quiz

MCQ: The goods cannot become the property of someone who

  1. hire
  2. sale
  3. display
  4. invest


Economic System Quiz

MCQ: The tertiary Sector is divided into two groups which provides

  1. commercial and banking services
  2. financial and commercial services
  3. commercial and direct services
  4. only commercial services


Long-Term Credit Quiz

MCQ: Retailers forwarded their monthly payments to

  1. finance house
  2. manufacturers
  3. consumer
  4. purchase


Credit Note Quiz

MCQ: The color of credit note is

  1. yellow
  2. pink
  3. red
  4. white


Introduction Quiz

MCQ: The record in which income and expenditures of a business are recorded is named as

  1. income statement
  2. book of accounts
  3. balance sheet
  4. cost sheet